I am Cyndi Garza, founder and CEO of Optimized Success, and it is my passion to help people maximize their success in business.


Over the course of my career, I have held senior leadership positions with national companies, recruited and trained all of my teams to be number one in the nation, and created a tried-and-true strategy for business-building. While achieving success in my personal career, I discovered my passion for business ownership and coaching, and thus Optimized Success was born so that I can share my years of knowledge and experience with you.


My goal as your business coach is to help you define your version of success, build upon your strengths, and equip you with a detailed strategy that will help you achieve your goals. There is no trick or shortcut to creating massive success, but with my step-by-step method and personal guidance, you will be on the path to optimizing your success in your business and your life.

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